KerryPool: On a Stick Edition

In this John Kerry pool report, Kerry goes to the Minnesota state fair and poses for a picture "with two girls as a cow [takes] a big dump two feet away." Also, no matter what you've heard, Marvin Nicholson was not eating Kerry's corndog. (That would be a large corndog indeed.)

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Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2004 4:19 PM

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Subject: [Kerrypool] Pool report on a stick

Jfk committed no news, but much color during his stop at the minnesota state fair in st. Paul this afternoon.

Jfk was greeted at first by a small and rather sillent crowd, a few waved kerry-edwards signs. The setting was the minn state fairgrounds, the air thick with the scent of deep fried everything and rain falling on and off. Jfk started what became one of the longest rope lines I have ever seenseen walking several hundred yards down the main road cutting through the fair. The crowd grew bigger and louder and magically kerry signs were everywhere. One cop threatened to toss your pooler into the joint for trying to get close enough to listen. My hero allison dobson intervened to save the day..

Meanwhile kerry walked past the police headquarters, by rides such as the top spin and the daze, and right up to the hotdogs on a stick booth. He bought one corndog, put a streak of ketchup and mustard on it, and took a bite. He took one more bite before handing it to marvin. A few seconds later I spied marvin eating a corndog, which for the record he insisted was not jfk's.

While this was happening one of the few hecklers present shouted "lies,lies, lies" and "kerry is a liar." No response from candidate. He passed the sheep barn and and an endless string of junk food vendors, moving close enough for your pooler to catch some of the crowd comments. Here is a sampling: "welcome to the midwest, you betcha," "beat the son of bitch, will you?" Kerry insisted on going to the cattle barn, a massive, smelly barn full of cows witha huge no smoking sign hanging from the rafters. Apparently they don't want to stink the place up.

He walked by what I would describe as ministables holding such things as kyle devries' holstein winter calf. One fella had his hand on a cow's ass as he chatted up the candidate. As kerry snaked through the crowd one man yelled to protect 4H programs because they "keep our kids out of jail." Kerry said "I understand that." He then posed for a picture with two young girls as a cow took a big dump two feet away.then he left.

Jim VandeHei


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