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In this Kerry campaign pool report, communications honcho Mike McCurry makes ad embarrassing admission: "[H]is daughter was going trick-or-treating dressed as a reporter, and she wanted him to tag along as a 'spinmeister.'" An oddly adversarial father-daughter relationship or a comment on media bias? Also, Bloomberg reporter "burn[s] through the mayor's money" for Sox scores as "the pilot mak[es] inappropriate use of his high-frequency radio."

Full report after the jump.

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Subject: [Kerrypool] Kerry pool report 8 - Oct. 24, 2004

The flight to New Hampshire was uneventful. Kerry played cards for a while up front with Sasso and other opponents (you don't want to be in that game) and McCurry came back and chatted informally.

About the closest thing to being newsworthy (no one had notebooks or recorders out) was that the campaign feels Clinton is not targeting audiences, but he will be helpful with the Democratic base, minorities, and, in Florida, Jewish voters who may be feeling Bush is better for them because of the war in Iraq and his support for Sharon.

McCurry also admitted that his daughter was going trick-or-treating dressed as a reporter, and she wanted him to tag along as a "spinmeister.''

Also, along the flight, various updates about the Red Sox game spread through the cabin, some from Setti as he talked to his girlfriend, some from Bill McQuillen of Bloomberg as he burned more of the mayor's money, and some from the pilot, making inappropriate use of his high-frequency radio.

About 10:50 p.m., Kerry emerged from his plane, doffed in a Red Sox cap. There were a couple hundred people waiting across the tarmac at Pease, clustered at the entrance to an old hangar. He marched over to them, shook hands and slapped high fives, and listened to chants such as, "JK all the way,'' "Nine more days,'' and "Who we for? Kerry '04.''

Before getting into his limo, Kerry took off the cap and pumped both his fists for the crowd.

Otherwise uneventful motorcade to the Sheraton, arriving at 11:06 p.m., despite having to weave through regular traffic on I-95 North. The candidate made a covered entrance, and we were told there was a lid for the night.

Glen Johnson

Boston Globe


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