KerryPool: The Natives Are Getting Restless Edition

In this John Kerry campaign pool report, we see that the "shake-up" within the campaign is indeed making a difference:

Kerry did several satellite interviews with local TV at the event site. Wade said the stations are in the Midwest. JK could have called for the colonization of Mars by German Shepherds for all your pooler knows, but the Kerry campaign has adopted a new policy: No access to satellite TV interviews. This is said to be Lockhart's contribution, based on White House policy.

Any thoughts what we should do as a collective?

Tom Fitzgerald

Knight Ridder

First of all: Kerry call for the colonization of Mars by German Shepherds? Ridiculous. Not without the approval of French poodles, he wouldn't. Second, as one correspondent said, "Glad to see the new communications team is improving relations with the press!" Lastly: "What we should do as a collective"? Fucking hippies.

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