Kerry's Christmas Hush

Rush Limbaugh is making a fuss over a Hotline report that John Kerry tried to fire up his troops at a campaign reunion Christmas party by promising them an impeachment trial in their stocking: "If we take back the House, there's a solid case to bring articles of impeachment against this president." Spokeskid David Wade insists that Kerry was "joking," which surely must be the case as they held the festivities at a place called "Finn McCool's." I guess Drinky McLoser's was booked.

Right after cracking his "joke," Kerry hushed the staffers: "Don't tell anyone I said that." Whether he was afraid the appearance of jocularity would break his face or if he just didn't want word of the master plan to get out is unclear. One thing is for certain: These people still leak like an Irishman after happy hour. Remind me why the press didn't like him again?

Oh, wait...

Kerry Links Retaking House To Bush Impeachment [Hotline on Call]


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