Kerry's Foreign Endorsements: Kofi in the Four Seasons with a Knife?

Its_only_this_bigSome leading Dems were less than thrilled with Kerry's performance on "Meet the Press." One Wonketteer reasonably close to Dem strategists wrote yesterday to say that staffers were gritting their teeth over Kerry's "pitiful" line about "running into foreign leaders in restaurants." The exchange seems perfect for one of those "light-hearted" campaign spots we hear so much these days, says our source: "it's too easy. i could write the damn ad myself."

But the RNC didn't need help. They've already posted a list of possible foreign-leader rendezvous spots (the Four Seasons, Daniel are both possibilities). There's no tagline, but this is really that easy: "John Kerry: He even eats French." Or maybe, "John Kerry: Wrong on defense, wrong on restaurants." No, this: "Foreign leaders have bought John Kerry dinner . . . what do they want in return?" Of course, we're just surprised that they could stand to dine with him. . . we find the way he's constantly changing his order kind of annoying.


[AP Photo/ NBC Meet the Press, Joe Amon]


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