KerrySex Roundup: . . . Sorry, Must Have Dropped Off For a Sec Edition

Kerry intern: AP reporter. . . or commie symp? [The Politburo Diktat]

"Otrohetsrykten kring Kerry kan hota valkampanj..." Well, if the Swedes believe it. . . [Dagens Nyheter via DRUDGE]

Journalism school students solve ethical dilemma about posting KerrySex suspect name on the web: Put quotation marks around it. "Brilliant." [Columbia Spectator]

Speaking of ironic distance: We've been sent a "press release" from the woman in question. We're pretty sure it's not "real." ("I . . . did have sexual relations with John Forbes Kerry for the last two years. However, I am unable to transfer the money out of the country and request your kind assistance.")

Former classmate comments that "she" was too busy to have affair. Also, she may be contagious: Voted "most likely to be sent an anthrax letter." [The Australian]

A journalism student with principles: "[A] photographer from another London paper [tried] to con me into stealing yearbooks with her picture in them from the library. Listen, I like a May-December affair as much as the next person, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna give some limey my story." [The Ultracasual Lifestyle]

Dogs and cats sleeping together: Says Fox News, "It’s utterly unsubstantiated gossip." []

One stop shopping. [Celebrity Spider]


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