Kicking Him in the Voinovich

We were pretty impressed by how fast Move America Forward created an attack ad targeting Republican senator George Voinovich just hours after he betrayed his party and his president during the Bolton confirmation hearings. But are they gonna stop with just one? If they're having trouble producing a second ad, Wonkette operative Sean Blythe has graciously penned a sequel to the first...

Wife: By the way, is this why you didn't get that promotion?

Husband: What do you mean?

Wife: I mean, maybe if you spent a little more time working at the office instead of streaming C-Span...

Husband: I'm just saying, isn't Senator Voinovich's behavior outrageous?

Wife: Don't change the subject, I'm being serious. Do you really sit there all day streaming stuff off the internet?

Husband: I barely pay attention.

Wife: You seem to pay enough attention to fire off angry letters to websites.

Husband: Julie, come on...

Wife: Yeah, no, you're right. Your internet activities are none of my business. Speedball69.

Husband: How do you know that name?

Wife: Because I'm not a fucking idiot is how I know that name. You need to be careful not to leave AIM open when you're done "working on the computer" at night.

Husband: Jesus. Like you're one to talk, Miss ""

Wife: What's that website again?

Husband: You need to learn how to clear your history.

(a long, long pause)

Wife: So that Voinovich is a real shit, no?

Husband: Yeah, totally.

Ad Targeting Voinovich [Move America Forward]


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