What A ToolOh, those "ironic hipsters." They'll appropriate anything! First, it was lunchboxes and ringer tees, now it's black people. Okay, it's been black people for awhile, but the WP just got its subscription to Vice. Today, the WP reports that these "hipsters" dress up like they believe black people did in the '80's and then "get their freak on" at a dance party known as "Kill Whitey." It sounds racist, but they make finger quotes around themselves while they do it so it's okay.

Really, it's hard to tell who is more clueless -- the reporter, who seems to think she's Marget Mead of the outer boroughs (white kids listening to hip-hop? Better get to the bottom of that!), or the host/dj of these parties, "Pumpsta," who is an asshole: "I'm throwing this party, and it's obvious that I'm white and I'm kind of appropriating this culture but in an ironic way. . . Kinda poking fun at myself and my origins and white people in general."

In the end, clearly, "Tha Pumpsta" is the one who, in just world, would be forced to dance like monkey on BET. The reporter would just be sent off to cover school board meetings in Loudon County.

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