Kim Guilfoyle's Best Is Yet To Come ... Under Oath

It is find-out-thirty for Kimberly Guilfoyle, who fucked around hard with the House January 6 Select Committee last week. The letter that accompanied her subpoena confirmed reporting that she appeared for a transcribed interview last Friday, February 25, and then flipped her shit and stormed out because Reps. Adam Schiff and Jamie Raskin, who are in fact members of the committee, were on the line.

"Ms. Guilfoyle, under threat of subpoena, agreed to meet exclusively with counsel for the Select Committee in a good faith effort to provide true and relevant evidence," her lawyer Joseph Tacopina said. "However, upon Ms. Guilfoyle's attendance, the Committee revealed its untrustworthiness, as members notorious for leaking information appeared."

Truly it is precious for anyone associated with the Trump White House to whine about leaking. If Donald Trump didn't tweet about taking a tinkle in the Oval Office powder room, someone told Maggie Haberman before he could get his pants zipped up and we all knew about it before he was settled back on the sofa for "executive time." Anyway, Guilfoyle's lawyer claims that her tantrum leaked to the media immediately, which is proof that the committee's "only real interest was to sandbag our client and use today's interview as a political weapon against President Trump and those who support him."

In the cover letter to the subpoena which he issued yesterday, Chair Bennie Thompson took issue with Guilfoyle's characterization of the events of last Friday.

"Though you professed to want to cooperate, you produced only 110 pages in response to 14 document requests, and you refused to proceed with your scheduled transcribed interview on February 25, 2022, claiming you had not been previously informed that Select Committee Members could observe and participate," he wrote. "Staff had in fact communicated to your attorneys that Members could be present, but nevertheless offered to reschedule the interview. You declined."

But if Don Jr.'s fiancée wants to do it the hard way, so be it. Kimmy can come tell the committee under oath about texts that reportedly show her claiming to have raised $3 million to fund the pre-riot rally and pushing to get speaking slots for rightwing loons Alex Jones, Ali Alexander, and Roger Stone, all of whom have also been subpoenaed. She also appears to be a fact witness to events that day, with the committee letter placing her in the Oval Office the morning of January 6 as Trump spoke on the phone with Mike Pence and urged him to illegally discard swing state electoral votes. Good luck claiming executive privilege for that conversation!

She doesn't have to tell us about dancing to "Gloria" in that tent and urging the audience to "Have the courage to do the right thing! Fight!" because the video is all over the internet.

“They can do what they’re going to do,” Tacopina huffed to the New York Times. “Obviously, trust has gone out the window."

No doubt the feeling is mutual.

[NYT / January 6 Committee]

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