Yes, apparently you are the nominee. - WonketteBack in the late '70s, two kindly yet inept gentlemen were elected as president and vice president, simply because their names weren't Nixon, Agnew or Ford. One of those men, former VP and failed 1984 Dem presidential nominee Walter Mondale, now wants you to know that Dick Cheney isn't the only super-powerful Dr. Evil in recent presidential history. Turns out Walter Mondale kicked a lot of ass back in the day, but he did it with the utmost gentility and old-fashioned midwest manners.

Mondale writes in the Washington Post:

But it wasn't until Jimmy Carter assumed the presidency that the vice presidency took on a substantive role. Carter saw the office as an underused asset and set out to make the most of it. He gave me an office in the West Wing, unimpeded access to him and to the flow of information, and specific assignments at home and abroad. He asked me, as the only other nationally elected official, to be his adviser and partner on a range of issues.

See, just like the Cheney-Bush relationship, but in reverse!

But after offering "Carter had lunch with me on Mondays" as the only real evidence that "Fritz" played a substantive role in the Carter Administration, the old veep finally realizes no other vice president has actually run the entire country, illegally and all by himself. Even VP George H.W. Bush had to share power with Nancy!

Answering to No One [Washington Post]


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