King & Queen of Spain Land In Florida, Which They Own


It's a very exciting day for Pensacola! While Barack Obama is distracted by irredentists in theCanadian provinces, King Juan Carlos I (Carl's Jr.) and Queen Sofia, Los Reyes Católicos, traveled by aeroplane to Florida, which they first discovered in the year 1559. The Reconquista has begun!

The Pensacola News Journal reports on this international outrage:

The Spanish royals touched down at a stormy Pensacola Naval Air Station shortly after 11 p.m. to begin a 17-hour visit commemorating explorer Don Tristan de Luna's arrival in 1559 at Pensacola Bay.

What are they doing there? Nobody knows, really, but Carlos has already freaked out the Floridians by wearing a fancy "suit" instead of the traditional polyester guayabera or scary muu-muu.

Spanish Royals Arrive [PNJ]


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