Kissinger, Pope Ratzi Form 'Papal-Jewish Conspiracy'

Catholic Press Service really doesn't want us using this photo. - WonketteThe world's scariest two people -- Henry Kissinger and Pope Joseph Ratzinger -- have reportedly formed an alliance that Iranian officials soberly described as a "papal-Jewish conspiracy."

Italy's La Stampa broke the news Monday that the 84-year-old Kissinger has become a special diplomatic adviser to the 79-year-old pope. Hilariously, both were born in Bavaria: Kissinger as a Jew who had to flee the country or become a doomed slave laborer, and Ratzinger as a Nazi who kept Jewish slave laborers from escaping German factories.

The Catholic News Service denies the story, admitting only that Kissinger has been meeting with Ratzi and they're planning something worse than Iraq and Vietnam combined.

Vatican considering Kissinger as consultant? [SperoNews]

Vatican spokesman says pope did not ask Kissinger to be his adviser [CNS]


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