Kitty's Back in Town

Under Hey, you recognize that old familiar 3/4 profile? That's right, it's Kitty Harris, who, thank god, has not yet and hopefully never will actually leave Washington. Or even the Capitol. She attended the State of the Union last night, and Washington Whispers caught her handing out her business cards to anyone she could reach.

Former members still have "floor rights," so Kitty can keep hanging out at the Capitol and fighting like the gutsy fighter she is. She's also working on her sure-to-be-insane book about her amazing campaign for Senate.

No word on whether she preformed a Crazy Jesus Lady Mind Meld with Michele Bachmann after the speech, but we can assume that a) they did and b) it was hot. ALSO: A Wonkette operative provides this extra detail: "Lil' Kitty had a huge party last night at her townhouse that had numerous former-still-in-Congress-colleagues, paid for by, you got it, lobbyists." Where are the pictures?!

And You Thought Katherine Harris Lost [USN&WR]


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