Kitty's Revenge: Bill Nelson's Son Arrested After Victory Party

Everything in Moderation! - WonketteWe're getting to this important news a whole 15 hours late, due to everything and everybody going insane.

This was supposed to be National Hangover Day: sleeping till noon, a soothing Mexican breakfast around 3 o'clock, TV on mute, something like Mazzy Star or Thievery Corporation or Miles Davis on the stereo, quiet reading of the morning papers. Instead, it was like having to work the day after Mardi Gras.

Anyway, that's why we're just now posting this news of Florida Senator Bill Nelson's 30-year-old son having so much fun at the Victory Party that he staggered out and killed seven cops, with his own hands. Something like that.

Charles William Nelson allegedly left the Orlando party and got in a fight with some cops. He spent the night (or part of it) in the drunk tank. Also, his girlfriend passed out and was basically on the pavement. And Charles W. Nelson tried to drag her back to the hotel, but he (allegedly) couldn't really walk himself. And then the cops jumped him, he hit back, he got pepper-sprayed.

Don't worry, America. We've still got plenty of politicians and their families.

Son of Sen. Bill Nelson pepper sprayed, arrested in Orlando [Orlando Sentinel]


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