Here's ashiny new story on the sidelines of the Ferguson Fracas:

A Ku Klux Klan leader has denounced a fundraiser started by a fringe Klan group in South Carolina for Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Ferguson teen Michael Brown.

Imperial Wizard Chuck Murray, the leader of the New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, sent out an email last week asking for donations, which was obtained by the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch blog.

This exercise in grassroots cross-burning -- which is wholly separate from the more well-known not-KKK-just-stupid fundraiser -- and cop-supporting was not appreciated one single little itty bit by Frank Ancona, the Imperial Wizard of a kinder and gentler KKK organization, the "Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan." Ancona, whose organization's flyers reassure readers that the Traditionalist Knights are not "enemies of the colored and mongrel races,” told The Wire that he just can't see why anyone in his beloved Klan would want to go and stir up trouble the way those New Empire Knights did. Ancona said that his group, which claims some 10,000 members (only a quarter of whom are FBI or SPLC infiltrators), has never even heard of the New Empire Knights or its leader, Charles "Chuck" Murray (no relation to the race-baiting social scientist, we're pretty sure):

"He basically made up his own name," Ancona said, explaining that Murray may not even be on his birth certificate. "We are a registered organization. We have a charter with the state... Half of them don’t have the rituals for our ceremonies." [...]

"No one has ever heard of the guy, I talked to the older members of our group," he said. "There are other legitimate Klan organizations, but this group here sprang out in the last year or so I don't believe he has any members. I think it's just him."


Where the Traditionalist Knights seek to emphasize white supremacy -- sorry, "white rights" -- in a peaceful framework of joy and marketing buzzwords, The New Empire Knights' fundraising letter hearkens to a more fundamentalist strain of good old-fashioned KKK rhetoric:

"We are setting up a reward/fund for the police officer who shot this thug. He is a hero! We need more white cops who are anti-Zog and willing to put Jewish controlled black thugs in their place. Most cops are cowards and do nothing while 90% of interracial crime is black (and non-white) on white."

"Zog," of course, is White Power Ranger talk for the "Zionist Occupation Government," the illegitimate Jewish-controlled power structure that enslaves all White Heroes. Ancona is pretty darned miffed that some scruffy nobody is trying to trade on the good name of the KKK:

"This is not even a Klan member, they don't even have their own legitimate website. It’s a scam, he is just trying to capitalize on the situation," said Ancona. "The Klan is not out soliciting money. We do ask for donations from members for different events, we have dues, but this is not the case here."

Pffft. How can you say that you're the Klan if you don't even have a legitimate website? What an amateur! After noting that his Very Legitimate Klan might consider raising funds to help Wilson, Ancona went back to his important work of sending out flyers and thinking of new words to put a "K" at the front of.

The Judean People's Liberation Front had no comment.

Mr. Murray, of the New Empire Knights

[The Wire via TPM]

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