Know Your Limits

  • Barack Obama is quietly running attack ads in various battleground states. [New York Times]
  • Both candidates talked about abortion at the Saddleback Civil Forum on Saturday, and both revealed in different ways what terrible double-talking hypocrites they are about it. [Washington Post]
  • Maria Shriver is trying to convince still-smarting Clintards to come back to the fold. [Los Angeles Times]
  • The next time you come back into the U.S. after a long weekend in Montreal, remember that the government is recording your crossing and will store that information for 15 years...for your safety! [Washington Post]
  • Still, you can be glad that your border crossing is not like this Iraqi family's trying to get into Syria for a vacation. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Biden Biden Biden! Will he be the veep nominee? Probably not, but the slot for Secretary of State is still open. [Wall Street Journal]

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