Kos Headed to Newsweek, Newsweek Headed to Grave

* Four GOP house seats are expected to change hands in light of the Democrats bold leadership. [Political Wire]

* Dennis Kucinich is going to start his own club, and it's going to be bigger and better than the one he can't seem to get into. [Raw Story]

* Nevermind the perjury and the corruption at the top levels of the State Department -- the fuck is up with these nicknames? [TPMmuckraker]

* If only the Daily Show writers could get together, say four times a week, and produce something along these lines that was closer to a half hour in length. [Fresh Intelligence]

* We suppose the major difference between Newsweek and, say, Kos, is that Newsweek usually proofreads. [IMAO]

* Colbert jokes are less funny when the White House says them and they're not kidding. [Think Progress]

* Fred Thompson came close today to saying something true about Bush. [Mojo]


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