Kos of Much Trouble

Everyone is hugely upset with the Daily Kos guy because, well, he said something really dumb. We completely support this reaction, because Lord knows that left to their own devices, notoriously impressionable and quiescent blog readers are likely to adopt Kos's exact attitude without debate or question.

In addition to supporting a boycott of his site, we also encourage readers to boycott those publications who would pollute the soft, clean minds of the good bloggers with such filth by linking to it themselves. This would include: the WSJ, A Small Victory, and LGF.

Because, you know, I don't think any blogger ever has said something intemperate. And one thing's for sure: Kos's reaction to the attacks certainly affects actual national policy much more than, say, the reaction of a senator who's running for president! ("United in our resolve that these enemies will not prevail," blah blah blah.)

We just can't believe that John Kerry delinked Kos but keeps advertising with us! If this isn't a license for more ass-fucking, I don't know what is.

Ass fucking! Ass fucking! Ass fucking!

When Mainstream Political Kibitzing Comes Online [BOP]


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