Krazy Katherine Closing the Gap!

Closing the gap!  - Wonkette"Harris routinely pleads with her listeners to ignore polls showing her trailing Nelson by more than 30 points," the Palm Beach Post reports today. "At each stop, Harris barely acknowledges she's involved in a primary and never mentions her GOP opponents."

As usual, the liberal media can't get the facts straight. In an e-mail to supporters today, Krazy Katherine tells the faithful she's actually "closing the gap on Bill Nelson."

And she even mentions that it's a GOP primary she's about to lose, not the actual election. "Your immediate contribution today of $25 or more will give me the much needed support for a strong finish during next week's Primary Election!"

Just as the poll showing her closing the gap isn't mentioned, it's unclear whether the Harris campaign considers second or third place a "strong finish."

Harris' rivals in primary fight for visibility [Palm Beach Post]


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