Kucinich, Little Lion of the Left

In a lengthy feature profile yesterday, the Chicago Tribune gave Kucinich a long, slow, wet and sloppy blowjob. And while it may just be a sympathy suck, it comes across as blissfully delusional. Air of authority? Kucinich? Come on! Let the gushing begin:

You see it with him everywhere he goes, whether campaigning before Hollywood types in California, where he has many friends and supporters, or onstage for the numerous debates with his fellow Democratic presidential candidates. There is a glint in his eyes, conviction in his voice and a finger-wagging rejoinder to those who won't believe in his world of absolutes.


Kucinich is an elfin figure who rises to his wing-tipped toes when speaking publicly. There is a perpetual sunniness to him that makes his strong words go down easier. And while he perfunctorily tells a Hollywood executive, "Of course I can win," it is hard to know if, even on his most vainglorious day, he really believes it.

No shit.

The Diminutive Lion of the Left [Chicago Tribune]


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