I know, gag, whateverYes, yes, the Washington Post has a fawning profile of the Kucinich marriage in its Style section written by Libby Copeland. Snark, snark, snark. We apologize profusely, but the Wonketteer officially covering all short, dark politicians was apparently a little hormonal this morning and totally had something in her eye that she had to get out, okay?

Look, he's a weird little man. He maybe saw a UFO, he's a vegan, he's quite possible left of Marx. He wants to start a Department of Peace... well, crap, go read all the policy stuff for yourself. I had pretty much figured that he got Elizabeth to marry him through some sort of weird mind control thing or drugs or something and then stupid Libby Copeland had to go interview them and it was all love at first sight and hours-long conversations until dawn and weird coincidences that convinced them it's all meant to be and "soul recognition" and, shit, there's that fucking eyelash in my eye again.

Whatever. I'm going to go eat some Ben and Jerry's and hope my snark is in the bottom of it.

[Picture from washingtonpost.com]

The Love Song of Dennis J. Kucinich [Washington Post]


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