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We'll begin with CNN's "State Of The Union" with Jake Tapper, who had on Trump economic adviser/used car salesman Larry Kudlow:

Kudlow brought the same bullshit he packed into less than 30 seconds in the (taxpayer-funded) campaign video above, with less smarmy energy, but Tapper really wasn't having it.

Tapper to Kudlow: This is as swampy as I can imagine www.youtube.com

KUDLOW: You have got new business applications are skyrocketing. And, by the way, small businesses are now about 80 percent reopening. So this is all positive news coming off the pandemic.

TAPPER: Right.

KUDLOW: We are in the recovery stage.

TAPPER: Right. I mean, there are still 40 million Americans unemployed, and we are in a recession.

Tapper then asked about a reverse in transparency regarding OUR taxpayer money after Kudlow brought up the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which provided loans to companies to keep people employed.

TAPPER: Secretary Mnuchin originally promised full transparency about who was receiving these loans during the crisis. But, this past week, he reversed course, and he said the government would not release the names of those companies. Now, look, I can understand why the Trump administration might think that a company that receives a $25,000 loan doesn't need that information released. I get that. But some companies are getting millions, if not tens of millions of dollars. Don't the American people have a right to know where their money is going?

Kudlow tried stammering some answers, but Tapper again was not having any of it.

KUDLOW: Well, look, I think, in terms of those that shouldn't have qualified, a lot of them have returned the money, and some of those have been named. But I think when Secretary Mnuchin talked about transparency, he talked about the transparency of the process of making the evaluation for the loan and then the distribution of the loan. […] That's what the secretary was talking about. You know, we have a tradition, whether it's the Federal Reserve ...

TAPPER: But he said, we will be reporting to the public -- no, no, no, sir. I'm sorry. He said, we would report to the public. That's what he said: We will be reporting to the public. That's us, the American people. And we have a right to know where these tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars have gone. If there's no problem with it, if everything's fine with it, great. But, I mean, otherwise, it is about as swampy a deal as I can ever imagine, the government giving out hundreds of millions of dollars, and the American people don't even get to know who got it.

After failing to explain this lack of transparency one more time, Kudlow then said the scariest thing you ever want to hear from Larry Kudlow.

KUDLOW: And I want to say, Jake, I think there's a very good chance you are going to get the V-shaped recovery.


KUDLOW: And I think the second half of the year, referencing the CBO and others, will be a good 20 percent economic growth. The unemployment rate will fall.

TAPPER: Right.

KUDLOW: And 2021 is going to be another solid, solid year.

So, what's so scary about that?

If you are unfamiliar with Kudlow's prognosticating history, here is a quick refresher video:


Whether it's economic or pandemic advice, Larry Kudlow is notorious for his anti-Midas Touch, and we should fear all predictions coming from his half-melted wax figure visage.

Tapper also interviewed boring Conan O'Brien, GOP Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma. Tapper asked him about Trump's now rescheduled rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after Trump received backlash for its obvious racist dog-whistles. Then the subject proceeded to police reform, since Lankford is working with South Carolina GOP Senator Tim Scott on it. Tapper pointed out that their version seems to not go far enough since their measure does not ban chokeholds. After confirming he believes chokeholds should be banned, Lankford accidentally sort of explained why reform might not be enough to fix systemic problems.

LANKFORD: But I do believe choke holds should be banned. If you go back to the consensus opinion from law enforcement from 2017, there was a ban on that. And most departments already have banned choke holds on that, where they don't train for it at all and say, don't use things that you haven't been trained for.

See, the problem is not that chokeholds or excessive force or murder aren't illegal. The problem is the lack of accountability and consequences. That's what "Defund The Police" is trying to get at: You have to radically transform law enforcement, not just do toothless changes like they have for decades and hope that system corrects something they don't see as a problem.

An example of this is Senator Scott of South Carolina speaking about what they won't do in his bill for accountability on police on his dual appearances on NBC's "Meet The Press" and CBS' "Face The Nation."



SCOTT: On the qualified immunity, something that you mentioned, we would -- I would be interested in decertification of officers, the left says that's a union issue that's kind of hard to get at. Qualified immunity on the right, that's an issue that most Republicans don't like at all, to include myself. So the question is, is there a path forward that we take a look at the necessity of eliminating bad behavior within our law enforcement community? Is there a path forward? I think we'll find that. I'm not sure that it's qualified immunity.



SCOTT: Well, there are two ways that you could deal with that from-- from the Republican perspective and the President sent the signal that qualified immunity is off the table. They see that as a poison pill on our side. We could use a decertification of officer, except for the law enforcement unions, say that's a poison pill. So, we're going to have to find a path that helps us reduce misconduct within the officers.

Seems the only unions Republicans care about are the ones that represent murdering, unaccountable assholes. Maybe if teachers pepper-sprayed kids, the GOP would finally support them.

The end, have a good week, until next time!

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