Kurtz on Malkin: The Lighter Side of Crypto-Fascism

When the Post's Howard Kurtz emailed us to let us know that he was writing about Michelle Malkin, we were excited. After all, not nearly enough is known about this reclusive, media-shy shrinking violet.

And if there's anyone worthy of being taken seriously, it's Malkin. From her groundbreaking book on Japanese Internment, Those Nip Fucks Deserved It, to her recent work exposing as fictional the Iraqi police officer/AP source who was later disappeared for talking to the press, Malkin is an intellectual powerhouse whose views need to be heard and publicized.

And Kurtz is a just the man for the job! As the Post's media reporter, Kurtz tirelessly pours through Google News and Technorati searches, then excepts from the results multiple times a week.

His Malkin piece is just as hard-hitting and insightful as you'd expect from the man who never met a quoted opinion he couldn't follow with a contrary quoted opinion.

Whether on her blog, her Internet talk show or her Fox News appearances, Malkin delights in sticking her finger in the eye of the liberal establishment.

Take that, liberal establishment!

Our very own West Coast Bureau Chief, Ken Layne, corresponded with Howie (he suffers fools more readily, if not gladly, than your editor) about the time she got some Jersey rent-a-lawyer to send us a poorly edited demand that we take down this beloved and award-winning post. While we're happy to see the words "predictably psychotic" in the Post, Kurtz left out most of the vulgarities and the bit where we called her a "dangerous nutcase" and said she'd been "sent to Iraq for her crimes against writing."

Surely that's be more entertaining than learning that the deranged propagandist "is charming one moment and pugnacious the next"?

Goddamn that liberal establishment!

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