Kurtz Paddles to Center of Media Spotlight

Im Getting DizzyIn her article on the issues raised by Howie Kurtz's CNN gig allowing him to comment on his other gig at the Washington Post, where he also comments on CNN, Kit Seelye interviews Kurtz critics Mickey Kaus and Jack Shafer. Shafer reaches for a metaphor: "This is the duck-billed platypus of journalism, an egg-laying mammal with fur - it's just something very bizarre." An egg-laying mammal with fur and perhaps a meth problem, as these critics of Kurtz writing about his employer both work at Slate, which is owned by the Washington Post. As a Corner reader has pointed out, this is something Seelye doesn't mention.

Sometimes if you look hard enough into your navel, you can actually disappear inside it. Then again, a platypus doesn't have one.

Journalist, Cover Thyself [NYT]



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