Kyrgyz Ethnyk Unryst Out Of Contryl
  • Things are pretty bad when you're asking the Russians to invade you, right? Well, it seems that things are pretty bad in y-happy Kyrgyzstan right now, with the ethnic riots, and the death, and the flows of refugees to the Uzbek border! And so they're asking the Russians to, uh, send troops to restore order (i.e., invade). This is a plan where literally nothing could possibly go wrong! And when things don't go wrong, they surely won't have uncomfortable-making consequences for the U.S. and the Kyrgyz military base it has come to rely on rather heavily. [BW]
  • Despite Ron Paul's best efforts, the Fed will apparently continue to exist and be powerful, forever. [Reuters]
  • Will Tea Party supporters help get a lesbian Democrat on the ballot in Utah? Eh, probably not. [NYT]
  • Closing arguments are starting in the California trial on whether gay marriage is a constitutional right! Hopefully by the time it gets to the Supreme Court, Obama will have replaced everyone with more "softball-playing types," if you know what we mean, and we think you do. [WaPo]
  • Greta Van Susteren has signed a new contract with Fox News and will be around for years and years, hooray! [NYT]

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