LA Times Issues Standard, Condescendingly Liberal Obama Endorsement

The Los Angeles Times endorsed Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination today, as well as John "The Liberal Who Proudly Wants To Occupy Iraq Permanently" McCain for the Republicans. Barack, the editorial board notes, is "a man of African descent, born in the nation's youngest state, with a childhood spent partly in Asia, among Muslims." Indeed, his time "among Muslims" is precisely why he's a fundamentalist Islamic Muslim terrorist today.

The editorial thinks it's great that he only opposes "dumb wars," Barack's popular phrase that offers a precise idea of what wars he would support.

It gets worse: "In the language of metaphor, Clinton is an essay, solid and reasoned; Obama is a poem, lyric and filled with possibility."

Why must Obama people always resort to "the language of metaphor" to explain why they like this guy? Can't he be an "essay" too? The media could help Barack win over some of Clinton's wonkier supporters if they bothered endorsing some of his "policies," rather than indulging their own fascination with his pretty skin and the places he's seen. Besides: since when do we describe 46-year-old men as "poems"?

Barack Obama for Democratic nominee [LA Times]


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