LA Times Offered $$$ Guest-Editor Spots To Rumsfeld, Nixon & Saddam

LA Times Offered $$$ Guest-Editor Spots To Rumsfeld, Nixon & Saddam

Rumsfeld, Hiller & Hussein at the gym. - WonketteThe "scandal" at the Los Angeles Times op-ed department about celebrity guest editors or whatever was only of interest to the 97,839 current and former reporters from the little-known California newspaper -- until shamed Pentagon criminal Donald Rumsfeld was brought into the mix this weekend.

Learn about the most boring whiny-assed people in the world (journalists) and their banal problems, after the jump.

The paper famously let the unindicted war criminal respond in print to an editorial calling for his resignation last year. It was already known that new LAT publisher David Hiller spent a lot of time "at the gym" with Rumsfeld. The paper's owner, Tribune Co., even shoveled piles of money at Rumsfeld for sitting on their board.

But the latest EXCLUSIVE from Nikki Finke says that Hiller actually offered Rumsfeld an entire section of the newspaper to fill with whatever vile torture porn or wrestling pictures. And guess what? There was no outrage from the very same former and current LAT staffers who are apparently so upset about some movie producer doing a guest-editor section in the same Sunday section -- a section that has now been killed, due to the outrageous outrage nobody else can follow, due to sleepiness.

Anyway, we've since heard rumors that Hiller also offered a big-money editing gig to Saddam Hussein, another old friend of Rumsfeld's.

One of the last remaining LAT op-ed editors responded to the stunning new charges via "g-chat" this afternoon:

klayne: will you confirm that hiller offered saddam hussein a lucrative "guest editing" section despite the fact that saddam hussein spoke english poorly and, in fact, is dead?

Name Redacted: It is true.

There you have it. Also, outgoing ex-former LAT op-ed Al Qaeda No. 2 Michael Newman will be the new opinion editor at

LA Times Publisher's Friend And Tribune Co Ex-Director Don Rumsfeld Was Asked To Guest-Edit After Grazer [HuffPo]


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