Labor Day, Wonkabout Style


It’s actually here, Labor Day weekend -- the dreaded three days that mark the end of summer, the end of fun, the end of all things good. No more outdoor movies, beers on patios, music in the park, free museums, IT’S ALL OVER, and will be replaced by Fall, which, fine, does offer great things like apple picking, beautiful leaves, Halloween, etc. Have the best damn Labor Day by listening to us and doing at least two-thirds of the things on our Labor Day List!

  • Jazz in the Garden: Seriously, go to Jazz in the Garden this Friday. It’s the second-to-last one (holy crap, right?). Jazz, food, booze and friends -- the perfect start to Labor Day weekend.
  • Baseball: The Nats are winning, or they're just winning more but are still in fact losing .... either way, watching a baseball game is a very Labor Day thing to do. Friday and Saturday, the Nats play the Florida Marlins at 7PM, and on Sunday the game is at 1:35PM.
  • DC Blues Festival: On Saturday from Noon to 7:30PM enjoy the DC Blues Festival at the Carter Barron Amphitheater. Free blues and free jazz in one weekend, AND the Blues Festival offers an instrument “petting zoo” where you can touch and play with a bunch of different instruments.  The things kids come up with these days ....
  • Music on the Mall: This just keeps getting better and better: The National Symphony Orchestra is performing a Labor Day Capitol Concert on the Mall for FREE Sunday at 8PM.
  • Scottish People: What’s more fun than spending your Labor Day with Scottish folk doing Scottish things? Check out the Virginia Scottish Games and Festival in Alexandria. It’s free and there will be shepherding, piping, drumming, flying stones, and accents to die for.
  • Gaithersburg Labor Day Parade: All important holidays are marked by parades. If you can't imagine celebrating the Labor Day without waving a flag and singing along to patriotic classics, check out the Gaithersburg Labor Day Parade on Monday from 1PM to 3PM.
  • Drink: No work on Monday really just means drink all weekend long. McFadden's, GW frat boy bar of choice, is offering $2 beers and half-price burger specials this weekend, and Midtown Lounge is hosting a Labor Day Blowout Bash on Sunday, which includes DJ'S and drink specials.

Whatever you do this weekend, avoid the Metro at all costs.


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