Lady Who Fucked Up Iraq to Fix It

Further proving his dedication to leaving no embarrassing failure unrepeated, President Bush is sending Meghan O'Sullivan back to Iraq!

O'Sullivan is the hot-for-Washington former top aide to the President. Here's a fun game: read through this brief biography and try to find a single sentence that doesn't point to her direct culpability in a textbook example of a massive, deadly failure at all levels of government:

O'Sullivan spent time in Baghdad early in the war, working for Jay Garner, and subsequently Paul Bremer. After returning to Washington, she joined the White House staff in October 2005, becoming Bush's top policy adviser on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan until her resignation last month.

That's right, we're sending officials from the goddamn Coalition Provisional Authority back to Iraq! Meghan will be in Iraq to help their joke of a government meet our jokes of benchmarks. Expect great things! If you're living in the one of the few parts of Baghdad that haven't been bombed, then burned down, then ethnically cleaned, well, sleep with the lights on. Haha, just kidding, you have no electricity!

Bush to Send Meghan O'Sullivan to Iraq [IraqSlogger]


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