Lame Details From Inside The Lame Courtship Of Michael Bloomberg's Endorsement


Nothing offers a better preview of how lame American governance will be no matter who wins the next election -- WHICH IS NOT TO SAY that the election doesn't matter! -- than the fact that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney arefuriously courting the endorsement of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose opinions no one cares about except for Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and Michael Bloomberg. Now that we've established that, well, WHO WILL MICHAEL BLOOMBERG ENDORSE??? Because Bloomberg is being cagey, oooooh...

So, Michael Bloomberg, how gay are you for Mitt Romney? Only say-hey-on-the-sidewalk gay for him, apparently:

“I’ve known him over the years,” the mayor said, citing his roots in Massachusetts, where Mr. Romney was governor. He pronounced Mr. Romney “a very pleasant guy” and said, in an attempt at modesty, that the governor had been “nice enough to stop by.”

“Would you say we’re close friends? Probably not,’’ Mr. Bloomberg said. “But if I saw him on the street I’d say, ‘Hi, Mitt’; he’d say, ‘Hi, Mike.’”

Ugh, is politics over yet?



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