Lame Iowa Teabaggers Get Scared, Take Down Cool Hitler Billboard


Yesterday it was reported the North Iowa Tea Partypooled their Camel Cash together so they could let all of Mason City know that Obama is a socialist a la Hitler. But after all the libtard and British blogs posted pixx of this irrelevant thing in the middle of nowhere, the teabaggers called the billboard company, and it was taken down. Oh no! It seems the North Iowa Tea Party was naive, and now it is fearful. Those are the two things this sign says socialists prey on!

HAS THE NORTH IOWA TEA PARTY SUCCUMBED TO SOCIALISTS? Probably. But don't you see now why they put up this billboard? It was a cry for help! They were naive and fearful, and now they have been CHANGED into Obamautomatons like the rest of the country.

This is what happens when we let our government adjust its public policy: a change in the system of government and oodles of genocide. Hopefully Obama continues to have trouble getting things such as these passed through Congress before he is voted out of office. Then we will once again be safe from these two guys who died over a half century ago.


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