Lame Joe Lieberman And Russ Feingold Are Still So Into The Czar Meme!


Joe Lieberman, the actual human equivalent of a chain letter forwarded to you by your grandparents, has a very important tuff-guy job as chair of the Homeland Security Committee. And he'll tell ya, he does not like Obama's coterie of czars, not one bit. He'll probably hold some trenchant as shit hearings about the hated czars, or maybe draft some heroic legislation that forbids the President from appointing policy experts. Russ Feingold is down for whatever, so he's in too! And don't think he won't look up "czar" in the dictionary, because he WILL and he HAS.

Feingold read what appears to be a rough draft of a sixth grader's essay during the very important legislative branch persecution hearing yesterday:

"But historically a czar is an autocrat, and it’s not surprising that some Americans feel uncomfortable about supposedly all-powerful officials taking over areas of the government."

BAM. Joe Lieberman, can you please legislate that devastating critique into law?? IMMEDIATELY??

"Leslie Phillips, a spokesperson for Lieberman’s committee, confirms by email that Lieberman’s legislation is 'in the early conceptual stage.' She also said a hearing is in the works, with its schedule up the air until the committee can nail down witnesses."

Haha "witnesses"—Joe Lieberman, America is going to criminalize YOU for being so adorable!

[The Caucus, The Plum Line]


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