Lamest Coup Ever Tanks!

Not what you want to see on vacationEver had one of those days when everything sucks, your boss is stupid and you hate your job? A group of dudes in the Philippines did, too, so they staged a little coup, which we're dubbing the lamest coup ever.

So, these dudes who were, like, pissed off about stuff and tried to commit a coup 4 years ago at another upscale venue. Today, they left their trial on charges stemming from that lame coup attempt, drove to the nicest hotel they could find, commandeered a bunch of meeting rooms and called it a coup. Unfortunately, nobody showed up except the actual government authorities.

Within a couple of hours, Georgetown grad and Bill Clinton classmate President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo decided she wasn't putting up with this shit anymore. She sent SWAT teams in to shoot up the hotel, gas the coup-ers and drive armored personnel carriers around the lobby. They arrested 110 people (there are 90 million people in the Philippines) and left the hotel in shambles. Lame. They need to ask Uncle Pervy about staging a damn coup- he had one 8 years ago and all anyone's been able to do to him since is take away his ceremonial baton.

SWAT teams storm Philippine hotel seized by coup suspects [LA Times]


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