Landing Footage Lost, Moon No Longer Exists


I hear that model of the space shuttle is "missing" too.

So NASA misplaced the original footage of the first moon landings, and if I'm head administrator Mike Griffin, the first thing I'm doing is blaming Sally "Sticky Fingers" Ride:

The television broadcast seen by about 600 million people in July 1969 is preserved for posterity, but the original tapes from which the footage was taken have been mislaid, most likely in NASA's vast archives at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.... Rather than prizing the tapes as vital recordings, NASA simply filed them away. As personnel retired or died, the location of the tapes was forgotten.

That's what happens when you open up the NASA archives for late-night stag movie screenings for engineers: Things get misfiled, the moon landing footage gets put in the case that's supposed to hold Soleil Moon Frye's sex tape, and the American people suffer as a result. There's only one solution here, to my mind: Call Neil Armstrong out of sweet, sweet retirement and send him back into space. Also, don't be fooled -- the only reason the Washington Times picked up this story is because Rev. Sun Myung Moon likes seeing his name in his paper.

Original Moon Landing Film Lost [Daily Telegraph via Washington Times]


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