Lanny Davis Explains Why Hillary Should Be Vice President

News flash: Lanny Davis is still out of his mind. The Clinton shill whogrumped off to Fox News after everybody was so mean to him on CNN during the primaries has gone off his meds again, and the proof is in a delightful editorial he wrote for the Wall Street Journal explaining why Hillary Clinton is the best, nay, the ONLY option for vice president if Barack Obama wants to be elected King of America.

  • Argument 1: Clinton will not energize the Republican base, and in fact would bring Republicans over to vote for the Democratic ticket.
  • Argument 2: Clinton, by virtue of her femaleness, will reinforce Obama's message of new politics and change.
  • Bill Clinton will behave himself and not be a pain in the ass at all.

In other news, 2 plus 2 now equals 6, that email really did come from a desperately wealthy gentleman in Nigeria, and Lanny Davis is not a douchesack. Proof: he is now a columnist in the Washington Times.

Why Obama Should Pick Hillary [Wall Street Journal]


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