It is well known in Republican circles that anyone comparing Barack Obama to former German senator Adolf Hitler is secretly a black Democrat 'plant,' in a union. This includes Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, butonly during those times that they are saying Barack Obama loves Hitler and vice versa. How much does Barack Obama's union, "Organizing for America," pay these fat slobs to say or "imply" these things in public, to make anti-health care people "come across" as insane? No one knows. (Five blowjobs.) But today we learned, on the Internet, that Obama's fraudulent plant-reach extends even further, to the mainstream Democrats known as "LaRouchies," who comprise a solid 87 percent of the American left.

Some dick in Michigan broke a major story this morning on his blog about how the dudes carrying this massive Obama/Hitler "I've Changed" poster to a recent, turbulent Rep. John Dingell town hall were Democratic union operatives -- DINGELLPLANTS -- secretly trying to embarrass the wingnuts. The dick writes:

Note the black man holding up the poster. This screenshot was used in reports by the MSM who painted the protesters as Nazis. Here's the thing, though - that black man is a Dingell supporter!


As usual, known hell-monster of veracity Dave Weigel debunked this immediately:

The truth is a little murkier than that. The man was a supporter of fringe Democratic activist Lyndon LaRouche, whose LaRouchePAC has been running with the “Obama=Hitler” theme for a few months now. That “I’ve Changed” poster seen at the rally can be downloaded as a PDF from LaRouche’s Website. [...]

What’s this mean? It’s really not good for conservative opponents of Democratic health care reform plans when their fellow activists are pictured with signs comparing the president to Hitler or accused of painting swastikas on congressional offices. The solution: Blame these incidents on “plants” or call them hoaxes. If they want to know how hard this will be, though, they should ask the anti-Iraq War protesters who watched coverage of their events focus on the craziest, fringiest people there. The LaRouche cultists are not “plants.” They want, sadly, to be allies.

The Weekly Standard's "John McCormack" wrote a post about Weigel's post about the Michigan dick's post (ha ha, BLOGGING), and kind of missed Weigel's point completely:

Now, Dave Weigel points out that the Obama-as-Hitler posters are produced by the group of many-times Democratic presidential candidate (and absolute nutter) Lyndon LaRouche.

McCormack doesn't seem to understand that this "absolute nutter" and his followers are now more closely aligned with the Republican fringe, which is now the entire Republican party, which now somehow finds itself three farts down the ideological y-axis on the one-dimensional left/right political spectrum.

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