Larry Craig Missed the Writing on the Airport Restroom Wall

Photo illustration: Sparkle Pony, obv - WonkettePrincess Sparkle Pony investigated the airport bathroom Wonkette favorite Senator Larry Craig got busted in, and the warning signs were there last June, had Larry only checked before his unfortunate layover. Selected breathless tales of injustice after the jump.

* "I just got busted here. Young white guy sitting in the stall, waiting for you to show cock and then he flashes his badge. I think he and his partner tag team. They cruise lots of sex sites looking for guys to set up."

* "Twenty people were arrested within the past week. Plainclothes officers wait in the stalls and tap their feet and even put their foot on yours and then arrest you when you look under the stall wall. This is a very homophobic group."

* "Just a heads up. I exchanged some messages on Craigslist about meeting a guy here, actually pretty tame exchanges. He told me what he was wearing and I sat in the stall next to him. When I showed him my cock, I got busted. I wont be doing that again, obviously."

This does raise the intriguing possibility that Larry did a little more than tap his foot. Or maybe he wrote that second review himself!

I Guess Larry Craig's Favorite Airport Restroom was Fun While it Lasted [Princess Sparkle Pony]


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