Larry Craig Opens Consulting Firm

According to"Wonkett" bylaws, everything Larry Craig does is 30% funnier by virtue of the fact that it was done by Larry Craig, the winsome bathroom goblin who repeatedly tried to appeal his own guilty plea after he was arrested in a "cruisy toilet" looking for a hot slice of man to get down with. The former senator has opened a consulting firm and has four whole clients! How much would you pay for his professional advice?

Larry Craig did spend nearly three decades in Washington, so he knows a thing or two about villainy, deal-making, and sodomy. His new consultancy, New West Strategies LLC, applies his ancient skills of witchery to the fields of construction management, mining and food processing. (Those are all antiquated Idahoan terms for "cruising constantly for gay bathroom sex with men.")

Former Idaho Sen. Craig's new consulting firm bringing in clients [Idaho Statesman]


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