Larry Craig To Explore Balinese Bathrooms

stalled.jpgWonkette's own Peter Huestis -- the indomitable Princess Sparkle Pony -- has noted that Larry Craig is leaving the country and heading to Bali. "Apparently it's an island where ALL the gay men are expected to have wives," says Huestis. "Neat!" His gay guide to Bali, after the jump!

In his blog, Huestis writes: "So anyway, public sex activist Larry Craig is nipping out of town (great idea!) to represent the forces of evil at some global warming todo in Bali. Sounds like fun! But is Bali a good vacation work destination for the sexuality-challenged senator? Signs point to yes!"

He then posts a quick round-up for gay traveling in Bali. reports that "friendly encounters may lead to a chance to get better acquainted, but you are likely to be disappointed if you arrive with the expectation of finding a holiday boyfriend. Knowing a little Indonesian, and the gentle art of teasing and flirting, will go a long way towards making friends."

Tease, flirt. Check warns that "there are no gay organizations, no gay publications..." Well, any country has drawbacks, right Lar?

And finally, this one, from OutTraveler, clearly proves the motivation, er, behind Craig's travel.

"Being gay in Bali is still a very private affair," says Four Seasons public relations director Putu Indrawati. Homosexuality is not illegal, but it is not part of the social fabric of tradition. While many gay Balinese are pressured to marry, they often pursue same-sex relationships. A strong gay expat community has also evolved in Denpasar and around Kuta, although long-term open gay relationships between Balinese and non-Balinese are still rare."

But short-term, in a bathroom stall? You bet!

[Princess Sparkle Pony's Photo Blog]


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