Larry Craig To Make Primetime Debut

Apparently not yet ready for the "serious" questioning he'd get on a Sunday morning, Larry Craig (and his terrifying wife) will subject themselves to an awkward chat with Matt Lauer next Tuesday, after an interview on local Idaho TV. This will be his first TV appearance since his arrest for toilet cruising in a Minneapolis airport, his guilty plea, his promise to resign, his legal challenge of the guilty plea, that challenge's dismissal, and his announcement that no, on second thought he won't be retiring after all. No word yet on whether his sad adopted children will be joining the happy couple.

Oh, and two of his staffers just quit. One legislative assistant quit to work for Kay Granger, and Michael Freese, who "worked for Craig on environmental issues" left to personally kill all the salmon himself. Surprisingly these two are the only staffers to quit Craig's office since the start of his wacky, neverending trip through the news cycle.

The local interview (on KTVB, Idaho readers!) will be an hour long, and takes place in the Craigs' house. We hope they do the thing again where they play the voice-altered clip of the dude saying he fucked Craig in Union Station and his scary wife starts crying. Awesome party trick.

Craig to Sppear in Two Primetime Interviews [Idaho Statesman]


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