Larry King's Brave Battle Against Christmas

Larry King doesn't just hate the Internets -- he also hates Christmas! But CNN's star Yoda-muppet is so powerful that he got this gruesome picture immediately pulled from gossip site, which is also owned by Time Warner. Brilliantly disguised as a homeless man, King was apparently wandering around a Los Angeles mall trying to kill Santa Claus.

An eyewitness reported, "I first saw him at Santa's door, I think he shook the doors. They were closed because Santa wasn't seeing kids at the time. Larry forced the doors open and went inside, apparently searching for Santa. Two of Santa's helpers escorted him out, and said something about Santa being available in 45 minutes."
UPDATE: Now the picture's back, but with new text claiming Larry "loves" Christmas. Sure he does, sure he does ....
Larry King -- Grinch [TMZ]

Larry King Actually Loves Xmas [TMZ]


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