Larry Klayman Pretty Sure Hillary Will Make You Wish You Had Richard Nixon To Kick Around


When last we saw Larry Klayman, he was pretty worried about how Barack Obama was forcing white people to be racist, and if there were no Bamz, poof! no racism. But since it has been like 10 minutes since Larry had another theory (we use that word so loosely) about what is wrecking 'Merica, he has popped back up to explain how if Hillary gets elected she is totally worse than Nixon because she has so many more 'gates to her name, whereas Nixon had just the one.

Because it's Larry, it takes him an awful long time to get to the point of how Hillz will be bad for the nation. We first have to take a many-worded side journey into Larry's feels about Cliven Bundy. It would actually be charitable to call them overwrought and incoherent.

[R]ecent events at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, where armed Obama Bureau of Land Management thugs, disguised as government officers, used heavy weaponry, including machine guns, clubs, armored vehicles and drones to try to force the Bundys off their land in a power play likely designed to turn the land over to “friends” of Majority Senate Leader Harry Reid and his Las Vegas attorney son. Fortunately, for the time being, American patriots came to the defense of the Bundys and exercised their Second Amendment rights to have the government stand down. Unfortunately, Cliven Bundy, the ranch’s owner, made some rather ill-thought comments about African-Americans, giving the government apparent license to now threaten prosecution of those citizens who stood their ground in defense of property rights and the use of excessive force.

What are your favorite parts of that smoldering pile of nonsense? Ours is the part where he is pretty sure that Obama was set to drone Bundy and all his cattle to kingdom come, a theory so ridiculous that even some Bundy backers don't buy it. In an not-too-distant second place, we're pretty into the theory that the government is only able to prosecute these nitwits because Bundy turned out to be a racist. If the government is all powerful and corrupt, did it really need such a flimsy excuse?

Speaking of an all powerful and corrupt government, let's talk about Hillary, who is going to be the worst President ever, say Larry Klayman. First, she will totally get elected because ladies, and also because she and Bill will just murder anyone that gets in their way, probably. And although she's not a Black Muslim like Obama, it won't stop her from giving everything away to not-white people.

And, while they are not black Muslim-sympathizers like Obama and his racist comrades, Hillary has a documented certifiable history of taking money from Islamic interests, not just the Communist Chinese. In effect, the entire country would be put up for sale at a Bonnie and Clyde auction to further subjugate the American people to political slavery under their rule.

Also too BenghaziBenghaziBenghaziBENGHAZI so ipso facto QED worse than Nixon, the end, except that apparently Larry didn't have a very good editor this time around,

Several months ago, I came upon a cartoon about Richard Nixon, the president of the United States from 1969 to 1974, when he was forced to resign over the infamous Watergate scandal. Hands raised in the air, with Nixon’s patented victory hand sign, the cartoon, which I had placed on Freedom Watch’s website, reads: “I am not a crook by today’s standards.” [...]

Yes, by the standards of yesteryear, Richard Nixon is not a crook, and whatever his shortcomings, Tricky Dick at least was not a traitor.

So wait. Was Nixon a crook by ye olde quaint early '70s standards, but not now, or was Nixon never ever a crook, just because the Clintons are real real bad and can go back in time and that were crooked un-crooked because their modern-day evil power is so great? Or did someone just forget to proofread and fact check Larry Klayman haha that never happens why are we even joking about it?

Here's your takeaway, people: when Hillary is president, she'll socialize all your stuff and sell it to China. Or some Muslims. Whoever bids higher on for your hide-a-bed and collection of Magic: The Gathering cards. Hillz gonna be so rich off that shit.



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