Last Call Eats Its Own

Friday's "Last Call" in the Hotline proved that Andy Warhol was only sort of right -- sometimes, you don't even get 15 minutes. After pimping the Unemployed Kerry Staffer one day and shamelessly begging for a shout-out the next, everyone's favorite overpriced collection of lame jokes (and before you say it -- Wonkette wasn't eligible for that title, it's free) suddenly decided it was finished with the whole idea.

Overserved.jpgAs you can see in this screen grab, you shouldn't necessarily expect to see any more love flying between the Hotline crew and their little pet Democrat. We do like the idea of creating a mini-media phenomenon and then bashing it as played out, though. Very postmodern. And timely in this case -- the Unemployed Kerry Staffer has moved on from 18-month-old campaign sex gossip to... fake pool reports about sitting on her couch? Yeah. Definitely done.

Pool Report: War Couch [Unemployed Kerry Staffer]


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