Last Day To Register In California, Washington, Utah, South Dakota, Kansas


Hey, you bunch of socialist acorns, did you know you have to register to vote, in many states, before you can show up and vote on November 4, for the terrorists? This is what Barack Obama just told your editor and everybody else who signed up for that Veep Announcement text alert nine years ago. InCalifornia and Washington (state) and Utah and various other states including Kansas and South Dakota, today's your last day to register, hippie!

In many places, such as your editor's giant county populated only by lizards and meth dealers, the Registrar of Voters is open until midnight! So get wasted first, then go register as MICKEY MOUSE of the Dallas Cowboys. Your vote will totally count, don't worry! (South Dakota is NOT open late for your hijinx. You must register by 5 p.m., today, which is almost now.)

Other states where you can still register to vote for the presidential election deal, if you hurry: Connecticut (postmark that mail-in registration, by tomorrow), Iowa, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Vermont, Wisconsin .... Check this thing to see, exactly, what is going on, in your state. [SF Gate/LAist]


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