Last Notes On the New System, With Apologies For Comment Hardships

As Glenn Beck once said during the Martian Civil War, one-score and four hours ago, your Wonkette embarked upon its first redesign since 2007, and the first comment/technology system change since the spring of 2008, when Hillary Clinton was the Democratic frontrunner for president and Twitter was some weird new thing a few geeks were doing at the SXSW conference. We know "change is hard" and whatever, for you people, because you're all romantic drunks, and we appreciate your patience while things get finalized and you figure out how this new comment system works.

For those of you still struggling, here's a very short explanation/tutorial to get you signed up with the new commenting system:

Your old Wonkette account died with our broken old commenting system, and the new site requires a new login/password, which you can register for by clicking "signup" where it says

Login or signup now to comment.

Your old comments are still on the site, but you need a new account to comment on the new site. We did post some warnings/advisory notices that this was coming, as there was no way to take our 2006-era broken commenting system into 2010, but we understand that it's a pain and hope you will sign up again and quickly forget about the hassle.

There, the end, let us never speak of this again. AND, if you can't get your old Wonkette Commenter name in the new system, you can still change your "display name" to whatever you like once the new account is in place. We will also attempt to answer your questions in this post, god help us all.


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