Lately I Get Nicknames

scooterbooked.jpgWe've gotten a lot of responses to Ana's query about Scooter Libby's prison nickname. Hooray...yes, most of you have surmised, correctly, that the dull days of prison life are broken up by constant assfucking. So, shout-outs to all the Gimps, the Loose Lips, the Sphincters, the "just Bitches", and the Leakies. Many of you picked one of Tina Fey's favorite words: "Cooter." Especial thanks to whoever proffered "Traficant's Bitch." We're still wrapping our mind around that. Beam us up!

Without further ado, here are our top ten favorites:

10. Token

9. Crutchy

8. (imagining an Islamic conversion) Scooter X (Razr, for short)

7. Asspen

6. Target of Probes

5. Slam Dunk!

4. Yellowcakes

3. Ham Sandwich

2. I Am A Fugitive From a Cheney Gang

1. Irving

[NB: calls him simply "The Wanker." Whereas Bill O'Reilly is "Cream of Meat." Maybe Fitzie'll expand that indictment in the interest of laughter. Thanks to Craig for the picture!]


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