Latest Beefed-Out Moron Offers Political Opinion

Runnin' wild! Did you once star in a movie or on teevee, or possibly both? Do you have the sort of rippling muscles that only come from hard work, dedication, hours of staring at fetishistic "men's fitness" magazines, and steroids? Did your brutal antics once entertain millions of mouth-breathing mulleted Neanderthals during the 1980s? Then we want to hear about who you endorse for President in 2008!

In the wake of Chuck Norris (Huckabee) and Sly Stallone (McCain) making their views known, Hulk Hogan used the Jimmy Kimmel show to let all the Hulkamaniacs out there know how they should vote: "If I had to step out, and say who I really believe in -- that catches my ear, that makes sense, that really can make a change -- I would say Obama. Everybody plays this card -- the bad guy card, you know the dirty politics thing, talk about the way people dress, act and look -- and, he's the choice. He seems like the real deal, you know." Truer words have never been spoken, Hulkster! Scientists believe that the corpses of our Founding Fathers are weeping real tears in their graves right now.


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