Hey, so, slow news month! Nothing much happening except the normal earthquakes and Iraqi elections and, of course, your usualtotally innocent racist email about the Obamas which was thoughtlessly forwarded by some douche who just thought he was having some lighthearted fun, talking about monkeys and black people. This one comes from the CEO of the Tennessee Hospitality Association, who made the mistake of forwarding this hilarious email to a few reporters.

The email went something like this:

Quoting Larry the Cable Guy...I don't care who you are, this is funny...

I was at the store yesterday, and I ran into Tarzan! I asked him how it was going and if he was into anymore movies.

He told me that he could no longer make any more movies as he had severe arthritis in both shoulders and could no longer swing from vine to tree.

I asked how Jane was doing, he told me she was in bad shape, in a nursing home, has Alzheimer's and no longer recognizes anyone, how sad. I asked about Boy, and he told me that Boy had gone to the big city, got hooked up with bad women, drugs, alcohol, and the only time he heard from him was if he was in trouble or needed something.

I asked about Cheeta, he beamed and said she was doing good, had married a Lawyer and now lived in the White House!!! [Photo of a chimp making a face, followed by a photo of Michelle Obama making a face]

(Yes a VERY IMPORTANT tip for those who are not part of the Matlock set and did not read Tarzan comix when they were wee: the "Cheeta" character was not a cheetah, but a chimp.)

Anyway, the douche in question, Walt Baker, said the usual blah blah blah about "it was done in the spirit of having some fun with some close friends," and "if anybody wants to make a political agenda out of it, they're wasting their time."

Shamefully, somebody did want to make a political agenda out of it -- one of Walt Baker's clients, the Tennessee Convention and Visitors' Bureau! They fired Baker's marketing agency, which just goes to show you how freedom of speech has become so stifled in this country that you cannot even make a fun innocent joke among friends about how a Negro lady is in the White House.

Nothing Funny About This Monkey Mail [The Nashville Scene]


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