Latest Wasilla Success Story: Mercede Johnston Posing For Playboy

Latest Wasilla Success Story: Mercede Johnston Posing For Playboy

According to the world's most trusted news source, some celebrity website we've never heard of, Levi Johnston's sister Mercede isgoing to pose nude for Playboy. Why? And why now? Well, America collectively said, "Who? What? Sure," when they were asked if they wanted to see Levi Johnston's gonads in Playgirl, and it turns out other people tangentially related to Sarah Palin have naked bodies too. Oh, and Mercede is 18 now. So congratulations to Mercede, we guess. We always liked her because she was literate enough to write a blog, which is pretty impressive for Alaska and that town in particular. She is now a shining example of the great American entrepreneurial tradition of capitalizing on one's relationship to the Palin family. This is her Sputnik moment. We are seeing Big Things.

We're told Mercede will do what her brother didn't -- and show it all!

Oh, Mercede Johnston has a penis too. Good for her.

And now we ask this of the legacy soft-core porn publishing industry: Please do not approach Bristol about this sort of thing. [Rumor Fix via Wonkette operative chascates]


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