Laugh it up, Chuckles

* Attorney General Alberto Gonzales also denied that he is Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. [NYT, WP]

* President Wha'shisface hates al Qaeda so much he'll destabilize as many nations as it takes to make sure we get to fight them forever. [NYT]

* Picking candidates based on electability is a savvy move. Just ask John Kerry. [WP]

* Barry Obama and Ronald Reagan are the same person, except for a couple of key differences like Obama probably doesn't drool on himself as far as we've noticed. [Politco]

* A slow news day means the intern gets to write 2,000 words on Mike and Ron. [LAT]

* The guy with the enormous fucking machine gun senses something off about Joe Biden. [LAT]

* Bush should give that whole "leaving Iraq" message a go, see how it plays. [The Hill]

* "Hey, look at us! We're a joke!" [USAT]


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